Free Agents™ are launching in Sweden

Per May 28th, Free Agents™ will launch in Sweden. Our specialized freelance recruitment platform will respond to the growing gig economy in Sweden and challenge the existing offerings of automated digital platforms and old-fashioned freelance recruitment processes.

At Free Agents™, we are convinced that the future labor market will be more dynamic, flexible, and digital than it is today – this requires new ways of organizing. Freelance work is gaining ground, but even though speed is crucial when recruiting freelancers, Marcher Markholt, who is behind Free Agents™, does not believe in compromising quality. Like many other automated recruitment platforms, Free Agents™ matches jobs with talent using algorithms. However, at Free Agents™, all freelancers and job descriptions are previewed by experienced headhunters and consultants at Marcher Markholt. “We believe this is the only right way to do it as we’re dealing with real people and real businesses” says Frida Hamilton, Senior Consultant and Klaus Markholt-Hansen, Partner and Co-founder of Free Agents™. “We let our automated recruitment platform do part of the job, but we further ensure the quality of the job match through in-depth personality tests and video interviews with the freelancers before candidates are presented to our clients. Speed to market is still important and we ensure that our customers get highly qualified and available candidates for their freelance openings in less than 48 hours” continues Frida Hamilton.


The future job market will increasingly favor freelancers

There is no doubt that the current pandemic is one of today’s biggest challenges from an individual, collective, and business perspective. COVID-19 affects us all. Therefore, the question is no longer whether the current situation will affect how we do business, but rather how businesses will respond and how we will do business in the future.

Frida Hamilton explains: “We have long seen signs that the labor market is changing, and in particular that the freelance market – the gig economy – has started to move forward fast. Studies show that future employees do not want a job for life, but rather a working life that can be adapted to their life situation. This trend is quite clear in the US and also in the UK. We have also seen at home in Scandinavia that all kinds of professionals - from the newly graduated, upcoming talents to the experienced specialists - are increasingly finding the freelance career appealing. Similarly, more and more companies see the value of boosting their teams with highly qualified but temporary colleagues. Companies that often use freelancers are equipped for a high degree of flexibility, both as the market goes up and down, and for freelancers; these qualities are in many ways the core of the way of working. And quite frankly, we have all discovered that remote work is not so scary – a premise that may previously have been an obstacle to some companies’ use of freelancers”.


Use Free Agents™ for free until July 2020

With the launch of Free Agents™ in Sweden, it is now possible for companies to post a job on our digital platform and find qualified freelancers and consultants for project-based assignments as well as shorter- or longer-term positions. “We’re excited to be able to offer this service in the Swedish market and build on our success from Denmark where we have already solved tasks for global companies such as NETS, ISS world Group, and Interflora. We have high ambitions for the Swedish market and have already had many talented Swedish freelancers sign up on the platform.

The launch on the Swedish market will moreover offer a month’s free access to the freelancers in the Free Agents™ network. Due to the current COVID-19 situation and job crisis, Marcher Makrholt has decided to help out businesses and freelancers by offering to place jobs on the platform for free until July 2020. This is our humble contribution to the positive development we all hope to see soon.


Contact information:

Senior Consultant, Frida Hamilton, M: +46 72 376 38 15, E: 

Partner, Klaus Markholt-Hansen, M: +45 29 91 10 37, E: