Why hiring a freelancer will give you the upper hand and 5 benefits

The employees are the backbone of any organization. As a result, hiring is the most important thing your company can do. Hiring is also a very challenging process, but it will drive results in productivity, a successful employment relationship and positively impact the total work environment. The right people can make or break any organization, but why is it so important?

McKinsey studies show that superior talent is up to 8 times more productive - quite remarkable, but also logical. Specialized work tasks require specialized workforces.

“Superior talent is up to 8 times more productive”.  

However, great talent is scarce. Hence, the famous “war for talent” term by McKinsey’s Steven Hankin. And business is rarely static. A new permanent employee can take months to really get moving with different technologies and areas of work. In the meantime, demand, needs or technology can change. A specialized freelancer is able to fill those gaps immediately and help you increase competitive advantage when filling key gaps or during busy cycles.

Here's a list with 5 advantages of hiring a freelance consultant instead of a permanent employee.

  • Freelancers add agility

The future of work is freelance. Companies want access to specialized talent while decreasing their costs and risk. Freelancers make it easy to respond swiftly to any market changes and provides the ability to balance flexibility and stability.

  • Project is temporary by nature

Most projects have a start date and an end date, or they have specific objectives. When the workload temporarily increases, it’s better to hire a freelancer than a full-time employee as it might not be necessary for the long run.

  • Freelancers bring specialized skills

Freelancers are skilled professionals who have been working on various projects and often add expertise in very specialized skills. 61% of freelancers specialize in 2 to 3 talents which are higher than the average of permanent employees. 

On the Free Agents™ network you find some of the most talented freelance professionals in Scandinavia. When searching for the right candidate, we can filter by skill set, location, personality type and professional competencies making you able to find just the right professional.

  • Scaling is easier and freelancers encourage innovation

Maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for many companies. The latest tools and technologies change rapidly, and it is clear that it is essential to keep up with these to stay competitive. Freelancers are experts in scaling a business as they are skilled in gig-economy trends and the latest technologies.

  • Freelancers are cost-effective

While they might seem more expensive on the hourly rate at first glance, research suggests that employers can expect to save 20 to 30% a year with a freelancer compared to full-time employees. Considering the absence of various benefits as well as office space, supplies, etc., this makes good sense.